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Testosterone Levels, Women And Diseases


The word testosterone automatically brings to mind men. What most individuals fail to realise is that the hormone is important for women, too. Both genders share it in playing a crucial role in the body. Testosterone not only affects the muscle mass, bone mass, libido but also fat distribution and strength. HealthGains is one of the wellness companies that provide treatments for low testosterone levels. There are a number of symptoms and issues that arise with lower levels of the hormone, like:
• Low sex drive
• Irritability
• Depression
• Osteoporosis
• Erectile dysfunction
For in-depth information on low testosterone, go on to www.webmd.com/. This piece talks about why women require testosterone and some of the diseases that have been linked to the hormone.

Women and Testosterone
For a female body, the androgenic hormone is produced by the adrenal glands and the ovaries. It plays a part in many important different functions in a woman’s anatomy. Research shows that majority of women have low levels of testosterone by the time they are in their early thirties or late twenties. An optimal level of the hormone keeps the following functioning properly:
• Brain function
• Bone strength
• The building of lean muscle mass
• Muscle strength
• Sex drive
• Energy level
Testosterone also affects a holistic feeling of well-being in women. This means to keep the sense of vitality the level of the hormone should be optimal. So, for all people who thought the androgenic hormone was just important to men, think again. It is equally important for men and women. If you are at the correct age and women, consult a doctor. Get a test to check the hormone level and seek treatment if so advised by the physician.

Diseases And Testosterone
Age-related dementia and Alzheimer’s both have been connected to testosterone. A low level of the hormone increases the risk of the conditions. A study, done by the University of Wayne state in 2004, found out that the chances of developing Alzheimer’s decreased by more than 25% if fifty percent increased the level of free testosterone in the blood. Another study was done on post-menopausal women in 2013 with similar positive results.

Conducted by the Monash University of Australia, the research showed that healthy women with higher level of testosterone achieved better results in brain functions assessments.
These tests are considered to help strengthen the bonds between brain cells. Therefore, they help battle dementia. One more study, done on men in Hong Kong, showed that men who had a high probability of memory loss due to low testosterone levels were 5 times more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s. Depression and symptoms of it, also increase when the level of the hormone drops in the body. These studies and experiments prove that keeping testosterone at the required level is vital.
A complete well-being and happy living are dependent on the androgenic hormone. Get your level tested today if you face any of the symptoms like low libido, brain fog, low energy or weight gain.

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Author | Balford Lewis Comments | 0 Date | September 15, 2017

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