Does Testosterone Therapy Help You Feel Younger

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Does Testosterone Therapy Help You Feel Younger

Testosterone Therapy

There are numerous advertisements all over the internet and TV about testosterone therapy making you look and feel younger. There is a lot of confusions on what this treatment can help you. The advertisers make it seem like the must do for anti-aging, though the HealthGains for the decline of testosterone due to age is not clear as yet according to, let us learn about testosterone therapy and what it can and can’t do for you.

What is testosterone and why is it needed
It is a hormone produced in a man’s testes. Right from the stage of fetal hormones are needed by men. At early stages, it is required for growth of sexual organs, during puberty it aids the growth of facial hair, the deep voice, the large muscles, etc. As the boy grows to become a man, this hormone helps in sperm production and libido. Apart from these, the testosterones are needed to maintain bone density, red blood cell reproduction, and fat distribution.

Age of men and testosterone
Men have more testosterone levels during adolescence and also in the early years of adulthood. As your age increases, some hormones start to decrease. There can be other reasons for the reduction in testosterone levels other than aging; it could be lifestyle diseases like diabetes, radiation therapy, or pituitary gland diseases or hypogonadism.
The condition hypogonadism is due to testicles inability to produce the proper amount of testosterone. With good therapy like testosterone replacement or through injections or gels you can bring the levels back to normal.

Does low testosterone level shows signs of aging
Low testosterone level does not necessarily mean that you should look old. The symptoms can be age related too. A few are listed below

You could feel a low libido, have erectile dysfunction, etc.
Low hormones among men can also lead to sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia
Increase body weight, loss of vigor or energy, reduction in bone density, hair loss in the body as well as hair, and swollen breasts.
These hormones when present in lesser quantity is also a major contributor to mood swings and emotional outbursts. Men with low testosterone have little self-confidence and feel depressed. They lack motivation and experience concentration problems.

Advantages of therapy
It can cure hypogonadism, but it is not clear if the same is helpful for healthy men. There is no conclusive evidence about whether medicines to improve testosterone levels is useful or not. But some men feel that the medications have helped them feel more vigor and energy.

Risks of therapy
There are many risks in testosterone therapy. Some of them are
Breast enlargement
Allergies to skin due to gels and creams
Sleep apnea, where the patient complains of lack of breath suddenly
Chances of prostate cancer, though there is no conclusive evidence of the same.
Increase in blood clots and risk of a stroke
Shrinking of testicles

It is advisable to get a blood test done to check the level of testosterone before undergoing therapy. Testosterone therapy for healthy aging is not recommended by doctors currently, though it can be done for treating a medical condition.

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